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Sex Toys In A Relationship

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Sex Toys In A Relationship

One sign of a healthy relationship is an active sex life, and one way to keep the fire burning between your and your partner is trying out adult toys. Sex is great but over time, sometime couples crave a little extra, something a outside the ordinary and thankfully there are many types of toys from tame to wild and something for every taste.

For those who are not ready to dive into the deep end options such as massage oils, a blindfold or fuzzy handcuffs may be the perfect starter options. Also, small vibrators or bullet vibrators can be fun for both solo and couples play.

Flavored lubricants, condoms and edible novelties are also fun and relatively small steps to adding a little flavor to your sex life. For the more adventurous tastes adult toys such as restraints, strap-ons, teasers, and clamps of all sorts can really turn up the heat. Wrist restraints coupled with nipple clamps and a vibrator, oh my.

A talk with your partner about sex toys Joujou and what they would want to try or have tried in the past is sure to spark something. Initiate the conversation over a glass of wine or a few drinks and see where the night takes you.